#1 software publisher in Japan for 14+ years

Get end-to-end
Localization, marketing, distribution and customer support: when you partner with us, we can handle everything so you can focus on developing and improving your products.

Enter with experience

The Japanese market is incredibly complex and nuanced. With over 22 years in the industry—including the leadership position for the past 14 and over 920 products in the market today—we have the experience that makes the difference.

Reduce risk

We make it as easy as possible for you enter the Japanese market by first introducing your software or hardware product to our eShop customers.

Make an impact in many channels

We distribute to retailers and etailers, resell to our eShop customers, sell corporate licenses, republish many partner products for entry into Japan, and we have sales channels for Android apps.

Understanding the market’s unique challenges

Product, Pricing, Packaging, Promotion, Place (the famous "Five Ps'): all of these are incredibly unique in the Japanese market, much more so than most foreign companies realize. When we partner with you our robust development and QA teams look at your product's entry with every aspect in mind—down to the level of providing local customer support.

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Successfully selling
products in Japan today

Our sales channels

  • Our eShop

    The low-risk way to enter Japan: downloadable sales to a base of over 15 million registered users.

  • Retail

    We currently have about 20% of the software shelf space and sell into over 2,500 top retail stores.

  • Carrier Apps

    Unique sales channel for B2C Android Apps that drives $1B annually.

Trusted by top brands