Connect direct to Japan’s top retailers

Retail in Japan is incredibly strong—and very different from anywhere else in the world. Your product will be on the shelves of some of the most highly trafficked—and highest grossing—stores in the world. We have direct connections to over 2,500 retail stores in Japan.

Commerce happens during commute

Electronics stores are located around major train stations, and passengers are accustomed to visit during their commutes home.

Customers want
to know more

The average age in Japan right now is 47. This skew to the slightly older consumer means customers are more interested purchasing in person, and devote a significant amount of time to learning about products in depth.

Education happens in-store

Electronics retailers create very rich shopping environments. Staff are very well educated and demo systems, videos on the shelf, comparison charts, and sell sheets are available to help customers choose. What’s more, customers frequently purchase accompanying literature from the substantial book sections present in most stores.

of the shelf space
Direct access to
more than
top electronics stores
The software retail experience is full of subtle, nuanced differences for the Japanese consumer. It would be foolish to go at it alone, so we're very glad to have a trusted partner in Sourcenext™ to help us navigate the channel." Mike Andrews, Managing Director, NovaStor