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We look forward to creating big success together


We look forward to creating big success together

There is no other company like yours—and there is no other partnership like the one we have together. Big, small, startups, well-known brands, PC and Mac software, Android Apps or hardware, we’re ready to work tirelessly on your behalf to make your entry into the Japanese market simple—and seriously good for your bottom line. We’ll start by working closely to structure a custom deal that optimizes sales potential for you here in Japan.


Just a few of the brands that trust us with their business.

Rosetta Stone

Partnering with Sourcenext has not only been successful for Rosetta Stone, but gives them the potential to grow their product portfolio exponentially.

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VEGAS Pro from MAGIX is now so popular that sales in Japan alone now represent more than 70% of total Asia territory product sales.

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In just a little over a year, Sourcenext increased unit sales in Japan by nearly 600 percent for iolo.

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A focus on language learning

When Nori founded Sourcenext, he did so in part to make a meaningful contribution to the community. To that end, one of our focuses as a company is to help Japanese citizens expand their love of learning languages.

In 2017, Sourcenext purchased trademark usage and exclusive perpetual sales rights in Japan for the Rosetta Stone products. We also have the ability to develop and find new technologies in the language learning and education sectors to brand as Rosetta Stone and bring into the Japan market. We have already launched two new Rosetta Stone Products—with plans to launch dozens more.

Rosetta Stone’s President and CEO John Hass. "I am also excited by the opportunities created by Sourcenext's future product development efforts, both for their customers in Japan, and appropriate audiences we could bring products to elsewhere in the world."

John Hass, CEO President of Rosetta Stone

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