Tap into 11% of the entire Japanese population

Gain incremental download sales
through our Sourcenext eShop.

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Gain incremental download sales
through our Sourcenext eShop.

When you partner with Sourcenext™, you are instantly connected to our 15 million eShop registered users. These are highly targeted contacts who have purchases B2C PC or Mac software from us in the past—and represent 11% of the total Japanese population. We are the only software publisher in Japan with our own direct online sales opportunity.

Drive incremental sales

Offering downloadable software to our eShop customers is an extremely low-risk way to gain additional sales on top of any other channel(s) you are selling through in Japan. There are no box production costs or shipping costs.

Zero in on
hot prospects

We can easily target high-probability customers who have bought a product in a similar genre in the past. What’s more, through direct email marketing, we’re able to offer special deals without impacting the overall market price.

Simplify repurchasing

Our eShop system is highly integrated with each of the products we sell. Whenever a user’s license on your product is about to expire, we send direct customized marketing messages to that specific user—and enable them to purchase without entering all their purchase info.

Set yourself up for success

When we partner with you, we can take on all the responsibility for product localization, marketing, and managing customer support.

Just a few of our eShop brands

Sourcenext jumped in right away with winning, rapid customer support in Japan. - Aish Agarwal, Managing Director Marketing, MAGIX