We are Sourcenext

We are more than manufacturers, distributors or marketers, Sourcenext is a market maker. We believe in being the source for the next generation of ideas and services. It’s where our name Sourcenext comes from. And with many years of experience successfully launching industry pioneers like Owl Labs, Rosetta Stone, Evernote and Dropbox in Japan, we have deep roots in both B2B, B2C channels and an exclusive database of over 17 million customers.

With corporate offices in the heart of Tokyo and a CEO based in Silicon Valley  – one of the only Japanese CEOs based in the U.S. – we hold a unique vantage point into two of the most dynamic markets in the world. We are a market maker for American brands due to our 360° understanding of Japanese consumer behavior and our ability to unlock the world’s third-largest economy in a way not possible by other partners. From software, hardware and IOT devices, we are always sourcing what’s next.

Our System

At Sourcenext, we aim to both educate and inspire. We specialize in helping companies sell their innovative products and solutions to a market of millions. Through our expertise in strategy, sales & marketing, distribution, competitive positioning, and public relations, we have earned the trust and respect of partners, retailers, and consumers around the world. We leverage, brand trust, top retailer relationships, and an extensive distribution network to offer a unique, full-service market penetration program that helps you grow market share for sustained profitability.

What we’re looking for

Calling all innovators! We want to hear from you. Our goal is simple: to find, highlight and help innovators across the country continue their growth trajectories by opening up the Japanese market to their solutions. We want to bring unique, useful and affordable products to people across the globe by putting you on the international map. And we can help you achieve your goals in an easy and affordable way. Join us.

Our Space

We pride ourselves on using our offices as a testing ground for the partners we believe in. Take a tour of our spaces on any given day and you’ll find technology that we believe will help change the world.

Our People

With many years of proven success and a complete turnkey approach designed to not take years but months, our executive team at Sourcenext understands every part of the go-to-market funnel, including certification, localization, logistics, distribution, marketing, and channel strategies:

Sourcenext US – Palo Alto

Japanese experience with Silicon Valley experience

Noriyuki Matsuda

Noriyuki Matsuda

Founder and CEO

Noriyuki Matsuda is the founder and CEO of Sourcenext, Japan’s publicly traded, market-leading software publisher and distributor with US headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. In addition to its own top-selling titles, Sourcenext helps foreign software companies launch their desktop and mobile apps in Japan with a full-service market penetration program to drive ongoing profitability. Previously, Noriyuki worked at IBM Japan, Ltd. as a system engineer, actively engaged in system development for financial institutions, before founding Sourcenext in 1996 and later listing the company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008.

Joe Miller

Joe Miller

General Manager of the Americas, Sourcenext

Joe Miller is a Silicon Valley senior executive with 20 years experience bringing new products to market. Miller has served as a senior executive for successful and notable companies such as DirecTV, TiVo and eero. Areas of expertise include: crafting go-to-market plans, building teams and managing day-to-day business operations. Miller’s roles at Sourcenext include running the US operation and bringing the product to market beyond the Americas.

Doug Bieter

Doug Bieter

Head of Partner Development

Doug Bieter is an executive with more than 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience. Doug has lead go-to-market strategy and execution in CRO or head of sales capacity for many start-up and early stage companies; including USSB (acquired by DirecTV), TiVo, Dropcam (acquired by Google), eero (acquired by Amazon) and Owlcam. At Sourcenext, Doug is leading US partner development, identifying innovative companies/products looking to grow their business in the Japanese market.