Case Study: Magix

Jan 30, 2018 | Articles

As the market leader in multimedia software, MAGIX provides user-friendly multimedia software desktop and mobile apps for creatives at every experience level, from beginner to professional. MAGIX gives users the ability to create, design, and present original photos, graphics, website, videos, music, and more, at an affordable price point. Their innovative, state-of-the-art products, including VEGAS Movie Studio, VEGAS Pro, and Music Maker, give creatives the tools they need to create content that continues to change the world.


“There’s no doubt that working with SOURCENEXT has given MAGIX an advantage in Japan. Since partnering with SOURCENEXT we have seen incomparable sales figures and received consistently good feedback from customers. SOURCENEXT’s market expertise put MAGIX on the map in Japan and we’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen already in less than a year.”

MAGIX CEO Klaus Schmidt


After acquiring a large portion of Sony Creative Software products and inheriting assets from the deal, MAGIX strengthened their portfolio and position as a leader in the United States and Europe. With no presence or marketing expertise in Japan, MAGIX partnered with SOURCENEXT to expand their product footprint in the Asian market. Recognizing SOURCENEXT’s influence and expertise in the Japanese market, MAGIX looked to Nori and his team as a worldwide partner to not only boost sales, but also provide superior customer service for professional MAGIX users who expect immediate solutions.


MAGIX relied on SOURCENEXT’s market expertise and customer service promise to improve customer favorite software VEGAS Pro. In addition to partnering with international partners to reduce go-to market time, MAGIX was able to offer customer service responses within 24 hours despite time zone differences. Since joining forces in December 2016, SOURCENEXT has turned VEGAS Pro into one of the most well-known video editing brands in Japan. Thanks to SOURCENEXT, Japanese sales figures for the product rank highest compared to any other Asian country and more than 70 percent of entire sales come from Japan.