Jan 8, 2018 | Articles

iolo technologies, LLC is a worldwide leader in the system utility software market with a global sales presence in 33 countries and products in 11 languages. Since 1998, iolo’s patented technology has kept digital devices running fast and reliably with their award winning PC optimization, security, and data recovery software.

iolo partnered with SOURCENEXT to boost sales in the Japanese region for their flagship product and best-seller in US, Canada, and Europe: System Mechanic. The PC tune-up product is used by more than 36 million consumers worldwide to keep more than 75 million computers running at peak performance. Looking to improve sales in Japan, in August 2016 iolo entered in a non-exclusive deal with SOURCENEXT to promote System Mechanic. After just one month of working with SOURCENEXT, iolo saw a significant increase in sales of System Mechanic in Japan with ten times more sales generated through SOURCENEXT compared to previous partners. Continued success with email campaigns in the region led iolo to expand the relationship for online and retail exclusivity after one year.

“SOURCENEXT’s presence and reputation in Japan is incomparable. They adjust to market changes with ease and know-how to transition retail knowledge into a powerful online presence. Since partnering with SOURCENEXT, iolo has seen a dramatic increase in sales with around 600 units per successful email campaign. “Early on, we paused SOURCENEXT’s involvement for one month, and the revenue stream in Japan dried up completely. We reengaged immediately, and have enjoyed a valuable partnership ever since.”.”

Malika Bounaira, Founder at International Markets Consulting, Inc.

Since the October 2016 launch, SOURCENEXT has increased unit sales in Japan by nearly 600 percent. Through the recent expansion, SOURCENEXT gains exclusive rights to System Mechanic Premium, and looks forward to more product partnerships in the future. SOURCENEXT has exceeded iolo’s goal for the partnership: to generate revenue in the Japanese market. Iolo expects Japan to move from a top five market to top three in the near future. Before SOURCENEXT’s involvement, Japan didn’t crack the company’s top ten. Japanese sales now represent about 30 percent of international revenue, compared to other equal partners, making Japan a significant market for iolo with hopes to continue growing.