Easily drive incremental revenue

Consider the “all upside” Carrier App program for B2C Android Apps.


Consider the “all upside” Carrier App program for B2C Android Apps.

The Carrier App program is a great way to earn incremental revenue for your Android app—without impacting your other sales channels. The 3 main phone carriers in Japan each have successful app programs. Customers pay about $4 per month to get access to hundreds of apps which are normally purchased individually in other app stores. Your revenue is based on the number of monthly unique users who engage with your app.

Easy incremental sales

“Incremental” is the key word with our Carrier App program. You don’t need to shift your current approaches, marketing, or connection to Google Play to add this to your sales mix. What’s more, we handle all aspects of the process: presenting apps, localizing product, customer support, and ongoing marketing so your app is not lost in the shuffle.

Max out revenue with our marketing

Marketing is crucial, since it is easy for apps to be lost with the mix and you are paid by how much it is used each month. Fear not, Sourcenext™ handles all the marketing for your app, pulling on our extensive experience and record of success.

Keep selling on Google Play

Have your cake and eat it too. There’s no need to choose between the Carrier App program and selling directly via Google Play. Do both and gain visibility to many new customers. Drive incremental revenue while also expanding your brand’s footprint.

The way most Japanese consumers purchase and stick with mobile apps is much different than the "freemium" model that reigns in the US. Sourcenext's carrier relationships greatly simplified the process for us, and quickly activated a new revenue stream. Ankur Nandwani, CEO from Coleridge Apps LLC.

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