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Your brand supported
by both ends.

Sourcenext headquarters
in Tokyo.

Executive leadership
in Palo Alto.

Sourcenext is at the intersection of Silicon Valley and Japan.
Strategically positioned with executives in both markets leading companies to success in Japan.
A highly nuanced and incredibly valuable market.

Some of our current partners:

Opening Japan

We make a complex process simple. We provide a suite of turnkey services to successfully launch your products in Japan.

Already in Japan

We have the resources to jump start, or re-calibrate, previous efforts in Japan, bringing a new level of success.

Partner with the partner who opens all of Japan

We are more than manufacturers, distributors or marketers. We believe in being the source for the next generation of ideas and services. It’s where our name Sourcenext comes from. And with years of experience successfully launching industry pioneers like Owl Labs, Rosetta Stone, Evernote and Dropbox in Japan, we have deep roots in B2B, B2C and e-commerce channels.

Sourcenext Direct Online

Gain immediate access to over 17 million proprietary Sourcenext direct customers.


With direct connections to over 2,500 retail stores in Japan, your product will be displayed on ecommerce sites and on  the shelves of the  biggest, most trafficked retail stores of the country.


Let Sourcenext activate our extensive B2B database, immediately facilitating relationships with top corporations in Japan.

Why Japan?

It is a unique, vibrant and dynamic country with disposable income ready to be spent on brands that are properly presented in the marketplace.

126.8 million

The population of Japan is greater than that of Italy, Spain and Greece combined.

3rd largest economy

Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy, after the U.S. and China.

2nd Largest

Japan has the second largest luxury market in the world, behind US spending 33 billion each year.

$1750 per capita

3rd globally on capital spending on IT and telecommunications products.

We are Sourcenext

A well-established Tokyo-based company with a proven track record of building brands in all channels.  As a publicly-traded company on the Tokyo exchange, we have the financial stability to partner with selected brands.

Owl Labs

“As hybrid work environments and remote teams continue to rise at a rapid pace, Owl Labs has been dedicated to helping companies adapt around the world,” stated John Stevens, Chief Financial Officer at Owl Labs. “As part of that effort, we’ve partnered with industry leader Sourcenext to accelerate distribution of the Meeting Owl Pro to the Japanese market based on their experience and expertise. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and the speed at which Sourcenext moves. From our first meeting to availability in-market it took just four months and now we have a certified, localized product driving significant revenue in Japan already.”

John Stevens, CFO,
Owl Labs


Sourcenext Launches Owl Labs in Japan for Video Meetings

Sourcenext Launches Owl Labs in Japan for Video Meetings

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Sourcenext Profiled in Leading Japanese Business Publication

Sourcenext Profiled in Leading Japanese Business Publication

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